Six Furry Canapés and a Levitating Sandwich

Curious food collages from Ruth Marten... Little moles populating an old encyclopedia get dressed up in a ruffled toothpick, a tortilla, and a toasty vol-au-vent:

Canapés, 2007
And below, a zebster stares down a levitating grilled cheese sandwich:
Matt Forderer, Rooster Zebra Contemplating a Grilled Cheese Sandwich (2002)
This image, bMatt Forderer, is available as a poster, here.

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JCarr said...

This is great.
Why is surreal art so often obsessed with food, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my image !

-Matt Forderer

Kim A. said...

my pleasure! great image...

"Art is our chief means of breaking bread with the dead." —W. H. Auden