Scarry Food

When I was a kid, my favorite pages of Richard Scarry's books were (not surprisingly?) food-centered. How many hours, total, did I spend contemplating Able Baker Charlie's foolhardy mistake? A lot.

But not as many as I spent pondering Kenny Bear's stupefying breakfast:

Hands-down, my all time favorite was this supermarket scene:

In particular the endlessly fascinating fruit and vegetable displays. Truthfully, they still mesmerize me. Three raspberries. Two plums. A single bunch of spinach. The way Scarry itemizes the things of the world gives equal weight and importance to every object he draws. Things matter in Richard Scarry's books. The blueberries aren't simply blueberries. They are SEVEN blueberries. Each one counts. I suspect this is why his work retains to this day such immediate currency with children (and inner children) the world over: in a child's eyes, every blueberry, or banana, egg, or dime, or hot dog, every car, or pencil, or what have you is as yet undiluted by all other blueberries, bananas, eggs, dimes, hot dogs, cars, and pencils. In Richard Scarry's world, things are both utterly familiar, yet singular. It's quite a trick, really.

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  1. came across this page looking for a certain scene from Richard Scarry to show my daughter. and i found it. my fav is Kenny Bear's breakfast. takes me back....thanks for the memories


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