Van Gogh's "Potato Eaters"

Vera, from Holland, sent a link to "The Potato Eaters," by Vincent Van Gogh, explaining, "It’s a Dutch potato meal for poor farmers in the old times."

There's an interesting (and google-translated?) analysis of this painting on the website called "Life of Vincent Van Gogh," including this insight:

The action in the painting is concentrated into the fact that these people are eating these miserable food, there faces are very serious and sad and their postures are not straight. A clock and an image of JesusCriste in the wall, and a shelf with kitchen utensils on the right hand side are the only details or decoration of the room. It’s obviously a poor family home. In these farmers scene, Van Gogh was experimenting with a new combination of colours that should represent the seriousness and feelings of the painter. Places where originally were white (like parts of the walls of the room) ended up being grey. The faces were painted with a combination of red, blue and yellow, looking like potatoes themselves.


  1. Did you ever see this painting? I was wondering how familiar you are with Dutch arts? Thank you for the post!

  2. Oh, and you tag is guest contribution? Perhaps you index them on the names of the paintings?

  3. I had seen it before, but then forgotten about it. The faces are so dark and grotesque, the whole scene so depressing. There's some fairly dark art accumulating on this blog, but I may find this to be the most depressing—in a ?good? way. a meaningful way.


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