Kung Fu Dumplings

A girl who makes steamed buns using the principles of Tai Chi is featured in this clip from the very funny movie Shoalin Soccer, directed by Stephen Chow. It goes on for a while, but this was the only clip I could find that had the amazing steamed-bun-making scene, unfortunately (or fortunately—it's kind of fantastic this way) original Chinese dialogue is dubbed here in Spanish, and there are no subtitles, but basically, the protagonist stands transfixed, watching the girl making the buns, then sings her praises at the top of his lungs. Embarrassed, she tells him to be quiet, that every one will think he's a nut, at which point, a customer stands up and delivers a somber speech in praise of joy and exhuberance, claiming he is now inspired to let his creative spirit free; he starts singing. The rest of the crowd joins in. Sadly, a great little bit of the scene has been deleted from this cut: it shows a butcher standing nearby throwing down the side of a pig he's been carrying across his back and saying something like, "I always wanted to be a dancer!

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