Can Someone Help Me With This?

I'm not really sure I get Lisa Yuskavage's symbolism.

Like... what's with all the fruit? Is it supposed to represent something or something? or have some kind of resonance with something else in these pictures, or something like that? Like maybe the ladies' hair or their elbows or something? I just don't get it...

Brood (2005-06)

[can't find title, but it's my favorite]

Still Life (2003)

Also, where are all the bananas?

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  1. >>>For me, just guessing, are these 'ripe' fruits and a metaphoric suggestion to the pregnant woman: she is very ripe too and will give birth to a baby quite soon!

  2. I'm guessing your tongue was in your cheek and you were commenting on the banality of the images? For myself, I wonder if this type of art is supposed to "represent" the droll. But I also think the fruits, in particular the pears, are somewhat anthropomorphic and look a little like they are supposed to represent the viewer, bowled over by the view of the ponderous breasts and belly. (Note that when she has her shirt on the pear is "looking" at her expectantly, but when she takes it off, the pear is knocked out cold.)


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