Hungry Architecture

A water tower located off of I-85 between Charlotte NC and Spartanburg SC.
Hood Milk Bottle/snack bar on the Boston Wharf right in front of the Children's 
Musem. 40 feet tall. Built (with different paint job, in a different spot) in 1930.

Headquarters of the Longaberger basket company. Real building, real offices, seven stories 
tall, quite schmancy inside. Located on State Route 16 on the east side of Newark, Ohio.

Randy's Donuts Donut at 805 W. Manchester Ave in Inglewood, CA. Built in 1953.
(really pretty photo of Randy's Donuts can be found here.)

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  1. There is nothing like this in the U.K. Totally amazing.

  2. I guess that is true. A quick google search turns up the "world's largest teapot" but it is in Chester, West Virginia, not the U.K. (likewise, Bob's Java Jive -- which appears to be the world's largest coffee pot -- appears to be in the good 'ol USA.)


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