Eat That Bannana

Two iconic rock and roll related designs that have always been linked in my mind are Warhol's peelable banana drawing on the cover of the Velvet Underground's The Velvet Underground and Nico and John Pasche's instantly recognizable "Tongue and Lip" design for the Rolling Stones. These seem perfect yin (banana) and yang (mouth) counterparts, as well matched as any set of salt and pepper shakers you might find on the kitschiest table of your local flea market. What do you do with a banana, after all? You eat it! What do you do with a frankly Freudian PINK banana? You eat it with a frankly Freudian set of teeth, lips, and a cartoonishly lascivious tongue (which always manages to unsettle me just a little—like any decent vagina dentata should). The original, almost elegant grayscale version of Pasche's design, which sold for an astromical sum in 2008, and which was designed by Pasche when he was still a student at the Royal College of Art in 1970, is last in the line-up below.

John Pasche's original artwork for the Rolling Stones' logo,
acquired by the V and A for $92,500

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