The Little Fellow Is Appetizing

Three fantastic food-related scenes from Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush (1925, reissued 1942). In the first, luckless prospectors Charlie Chaplin and Big Jim are so desperate for food that they cook up one of Charlie's boots for dinner. Needless to say, Charlie gets stuck munching the sole, while Big Jim sups on the upper. Still, Chaplin makes the best of it, delicately licking each nail and making a neat pile of them on the side of his plate. In the second scene, Big Jim, delirious with hunger, imagines that Chaplin is a large chicken. He comes to his wits, though not for long, deciding that "chicken or no chicken, the little fellow is appetizing." And the last scene here is the famous dance of the bread rolls, in which Charlie dreams of entertaining some beautiful girls at an extravagant dinner party on New Years Eve.

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