Sakurako Kitsa's Bento Boxes

Amorette Dye is a complicated person. I figured this this from a brief google search and a look at her pull-no-punches blog, which chronicles her life as a mother and cancer fighter-survivor—as a tough cookie, basically. It doesn't mesh with how I think of tough cookies, but Dye (under the name Sakurako Kitsa) also makes bento boxes. Kick ass bento boxes. Here are a few examples from her enchanting flickr stream:



  1. Truly ingenious, if not especially appetizing, edible art--not to be confused with oedipal art. Or maybe so: who is that sandwich? And then there's that tower thing...

  2. I know what you mean. obsessive crafting, which I think this is closer to than "art" though the distinction's pretty mushy, always carries that stigma though, don't you think? sexual frustration funneled into incredibly intricate handiwork. it's a curious stereotype. perhaps with a grain of truth. THat tower, as you point out... is... striking. And the sandwich is one wicked vagina dentata...


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