Faded Coca-Cola Murals (contributor post)

James, from Boston, a.k.a. my husband, writes:

Throughout the world, everyday architecture is adorned with hand-painted advertising murals, often for food products, and perhaps none so ubiquitous as Coca-Cola. These murals, often as faded as ghosts, are a part of the fabric of the built environment, as familiar as the bricks they are painted on. These are two very nice examples. The first is from Somerville, Massachusetts, and the second from Belfast, Maine. Both evoke bygone times, and yet both also evoke the immediate, the satiation of hunger and thirst, the crisp tingle of a cold coke on ones lips. How often, in how many places the world over, are those same quiet, internal, perhaps even unnoticed sensations felt by people as they move through their cities and towns, glancing up at a building, a cloudy sky, and the familiar red and white words: "DRINK Coca Cola". 

(Many more images of Coca Cola murals can be found on this flickr group.)


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