Goethe on Gardening

Botanical - Cabbage - Chou blond
Georg Dionysius Ehret . 1736-1748.
From Book One of The Sorrows of Young Werther:
How happy I am that my heart can feel the simple, harmless bliss of the person who brings to his table a cabbage he has grown himself, not just the cabbage alone but all the good days, the beautiful morning he planted it, the lovely evenings he watered it, and as he had his joy in its advancing growth, he enjoys it all again in one moment.
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  1. This is such a nice quote. It makes me want to keep on gardening even if there is just a meager harvest, because it makes me appreciate why it is so satisfying to eat three raspberries or one carrot after a whole summer and weeding and watering and tilling and even feeling guilty for not doing those things enough.


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