Vintage French Sausage Ad

Weird in more ways than one. Vintage ad for pork sausage, via Found in Mom's Basement, which notes that "there's actually an industry term for spokesanimals that encourage consumers to eat them: traitors."

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  1. matcoDefinitely the artist was either a true surrealist or else on drugs or drunk when he or she drew this. Or possibly is it a quote from a painting -- perhaps Hieronymous Bosch?

  2. Yeah, it is kind of Bosch-y in that weird meta-grotesque way. Reminds me a little of the baby bird in the Garden of Earthly Delights that's eating a human who's excreting adult birds (image here Disturbing as both this sausage ad and the Bosch image are, for me they speak to one of the deeper mysteries of food in general: collapsing in a single image the cycle of birth and death / nutrition & decay / regeneration and degeneration. In other words, they make you think...


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