Chantal Rens' Collages

If you spend any time on Tumblr (and I do, with my Scrapbook project) you've probably run across one of Chantal Rens' collages as she's something of a Tumblr darling. It's understandable. Her collages all share an unusual, slightly magical, slightly spastic, slightly menacing quality, as if they were put together by a brilliant but mildly distracted 3rd grader with asocial tendencies. This childlike naturalness of style provides a refreshing counterbalance to Rens' essentially hardcore surrealistic imagery. Every collage seems governed by an unsettling, vaguely shocking, but nevertheless just barely emotionally decipherable dream logic.

As far as I can make out, Rens' works are untitled, which explains the lack of captions in this post. They also run a wide gamut of subject matter, though predictably, my favorites are food-themed. More info on Chantal Rens' Blog.

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