The Kerouac Diner (Menu and Recipes)

Found this fascinating webpage titled "The Kerouac Diner Menu and Recipes" at Jack, an online literary magazine that deals primarily with writers of the Beat generation, and describes itself as "small but interesting and imperfect."

Recipes at the imaginary Kerouac diner include: Burroughs' Rhubarb Pie; Desolation Angels Breakfast Special; Desolation Peak Casserole; Kerouac's Green Pea Soup; Lonesome Traveller Breakfast; and Pate de Porc Gras. The recipe for this last intriguing item runs as follows:
2 pounds of ground Boston pork butt (with all the fat)
2 onions
2 garlics
teaspoon dry mustard
Simply immerse the ground pork butt till water just covers it, in pot, with onions & garlic chopped in, and salt and pepper, and dry mustard. Let simmer slowly (say, 5 hours). Spoon & level into bowls; chill bowls in ice box. Next day, use as sandwich spread on crackers (preferably good French Bread)--from letter to Jacqueline Stephens, late December 1961, Selected Letters: Jack Kerouac, 1957-1969.
This webpage/menu is worth a close look (click on link above to go there).

Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac's grave

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