Elegant Abstracts from "My Jello Americans"

Wow. Who knew there was so much jello art out there? Not I. But a recent internet wandering led me down a very long and twisty trail of jello art ventures. Here is a sampling from the remarkable blog "My Jello Americans," which posts pictures and recipes for "jello shots"—that is, small gelatin creations made with various alcohols. Everything they invent is pretty fascinating, but some things are downright beautiful, particularly in the "abstract" category. A few of my favorites:

"The Transubstantiation"
Ingredients: "just water and gelatin, but with a little faith,
our favorite party god can turn it into wine. Let us pray."

"Lavender-Ginger Aperitif"
Ingredients: Granulated Gelatin, Lavender Lemonade
Vodka, Domain de Canton (Ginger liqueur), Agave

"The Digestif"
Ingredients: Knox, Plum Vodka, Prune Juice,  Bitters,
Red and Blue Food Dye, Ginger Syrup, Edible Glitter, Clove

Ingredients: Knox, Home-made Lemoncello, Edible Glitter,
Yellow food dye, Gin, Rose Syrup, edible rose petals

"The CityWide"
Ingredients: Knox, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Heaven Hill

"Mt. Fuji"
Ingredients: Agar Agar, Plum Vodka, Almond Paste, Food Coloring, Bacardi 151


  1. These are beautiful. I want to eat the digestif RIGHT NOW.
    I can't believe these folks are Philly-based and I haven't met them, let alone heard of them. So glad you posted this!

  2. If I were in the same city—I'd —I don't know what. find some way of making friends with these geniuses, ply them with boxes of knox & flourescent food coloring. I think they sometimes do jello shots for restaurants. The one I want to eat is mt. fuji—the ingredients are incredible.


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