Seven Sexy Food GIFs and Five Disturbing

Food GIFs are often surprisingly funny, playing with time in the oddest way. The food-sex connection is old news, but GIFs like these make it new again. Be forewarned, the last five GIFs in this line up are actually a kind of disturbing snuff film of a baby octopus (or squid?) drowning in soy sauce. I was depressed for days after I first saw it. If you share that sort of sensibility, do not scroll past the butter-plopped stack of pancakes.

to stop 

(All GIFs found on Tumblr—attributions unknown.)

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  1. Yikes. That is very unappetizing. Humans are an odd species. However, I suppose that cats play with their "live" food in a similar way. So maybe it isn't really that odd.

  2. good point, about the cats. but aren't we supposed to be a bit "bigger" than cats? i find it deeply revolting, really. but also curious—as you say, humans really are endlessly odd.


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