demonstrating my passion for food at an early age
Food is a necessity. Art is the fruit of necessity met: borne of time, reflection, and a full belly. Art is simulation, always at a remove—it responds, refracts, echoes, illuminates. Food is concrete, corporeal. In a sense, it is life. And yet death—whether of a cow or a parsnip—is an inevitable part of the food equation. Although we often overlook it out of hunger and habit, nothing is more infused with spiritual mystery than food.

My name is Kim Adrian, and on this blog, I look at that mystery through the lens of art from many angles, posting descriptions of, reflections on, and ideas about food as found in literature, painting, film, music, and other forms of art. There are entries on pop songs, classic literature, fairy tales, kitch-y television ads, and Renaissance paintings. Some of the artwork I choose to post brushes right up against the mysteries of life and death, though much of it is simply amusing, beautiful, or odd.

I enjoy hearing form readers so feel free to contact me with your thoughts, reactions, or ideas for posts. Whether you're a regular subscriber or just visiting, I hope you have as much fun exploring Food Culture Index as I have in putting it together.

p.s. The image in the sidebar is (slightly altered) Adam and Eve with the Tree of Knowledge by Jost Amman (1587).