Something We Dreamed - provides a steady stream of interesting food/culture-related links
Scenes of Eating - a "response to miscellanous food-related scenes and images"
Food in the Arts - a wide-ranging collection of food-related art
Feasting on Art - blogger creates real dishes inspired by art
Gastronomica - website of the magazine by the same name
Umami - Food & Art Festival website
Communications of Agriculture and Horticulture - relish the joys of Google-translation perusing this blog, which concerns itself with "culinary history and other histories about vegetable, meal and menu"
Edible Arts - a blog committed to the " idea that food and wine can be as deeply meaningful as painting or music" ("Food in the Arts" and "General Aesthetics" categories are especially interesting

Food Timeline - like it says...

Emily Contois - a thoughtful blog by a "scholar and food writer"